Leadership Development

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm Publilius Syrus

In a challenging climate, strong leadership skills are vital to organisations’ ability to adapt and survive.

Museums, libraries and archives across the UK are facing up to job losses, recruitment freezes and fast-shrinking workforce development budgets. Yet, in order to ride the changes ahead, the need to equip staff with essential management and leadership skills has arguably never been greater.

Leadership development features as an important strategic priority in many policies and plans of ALMA-UK members. The museums, libraries and archives sector has invested heavily in leadership training and development in recent years, resulting in numerous innovative initiatives and examples of good practice across the different domains.

Discussion between ALMA-UK members, Creative and Cultural Skills and the former Lifelong Learning UK has nonetheless identified a lack of general awareness of existing good work across the UK, stunting opportunities for shared learning and joined-up approaches to future programme development.

In response to this knowledge gap, ALMA-UK members have been liaising with the sector skills councils to build a central bank of information about leadership development interventions accessed or created by museums, libraries and archives across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The results of ALMA-UK’s evidence-gathering exercise are now available:

Mentoring for museums staff in Scotland Museums Galleries Scotland

Assessor Training Northern Ireland Quality Awards Libraries NI

Women’s Leadership Initiative Chief Executives Forum of Northern Ireland

Collection Skills Initiative (CSI) Northern Ireland Museums Council

Managing People Libraries NI

For more information on ALMA-UK’s Leadership Development project, contact Linda Tomos, CyMAL (Project Sponsor)