Economic Impacts: the research

The Economic impacts research was commissioned by ALMA-UK in two stages from ERS Research and Consultancy

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the research was commissioned in September 2010. It examined the whole UK museums libraries and archives sector, and the results were published in March 2011.  This research:

  • mapped and analysed over sixty economic impact studies relevant to the UK sector
  • consulted with sector stakeholders to determine the kind of economic impact data already being collected and the primary barriers to effective data collection
  • investigated other comparable toolkits and models of best practice
  • recommended the best methodologies and toolkit approaches for use by museum, library and archive organisations, both large and small and across all four UK nations
  • considered the processes and indicative costs for developing and piloting the toolkits.

Click below to read the full final Stage 1 research report:

The Stage 1 findings, led ALMA-UK to commission ERS to develop the original version of the toolkit:

Stage 1 was jointly funded by Museums Galleries Scotland; the Scottish Library and Information Council; the Scottish Council on Archives; CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales; the Northern Ireland Museums Council and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the research focused on economic valuation of libraries.  Jointly funded by the Welsh Government, the Department of Culture and Leisure Northern Ireland, and the Scottish Library andInformation Council, and also commissioned from ERS Research and Consultancy, this research measured economic value by considering the cost to individuals of using the services, their spending with local service providers and the money saved by using the library, as well employment and supply chain effects. Results are reported by country.

ALMA-UK Economic Value of Libraries Report

ALMA-UK Economic Value of Libraries Report Welsh language version

Click here to view and use our toolkits.

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