Our strategic themes

ALMA-UK’s activity cuts across four broad strategic themes, which have been identified by the group’s member organisations as a priority for cross-nation attention.

In choosing where to direct our collective resource, we aim always to focus on those projects and collaborative initiatives that add most value to members’ current work programmes.

Achieving sustainability

ALMA-UK defines sustainability in its broadest economic, social and environmental sense.

We prioritise those issues and projects that support and develop the adoption of sustainable development practices by archives, libraries and museums and that aim to achieve a secure, sustainable future for the UK sector as a whole.


Meeting the digital challenge

ALMA-UK recognises the vital importance of developing sector activity to respond to the needs and opportunities of the digital age.

We prioritise those issues and projects that support a joint strategic approach to digital challenges faced by archives, libraries and museums and that encourage affiliations at UK, European and International levels.


Developing cross-sector partnerships

ALMA-UK advocates the power and potential of effective partnership working.

We prioritise those opportunities and projects that aim to strengthen and develop partnerships between the archive, library and museum sector and other sectors – both public and private and within and outside the cultural sphere.


Connecting internationally

ALMA-UK recognises the importance to all four UK nations of engaging with policy matters and initiatives relating to archives, libraries and museums at European and global levels.

We prioritise those issues and projects that enable opportunities for international working in the sector; that seek to open the UK’s collections to a global community; and that aim to share best practice world wide.