ALMA-UK was inaugurated in 2003 as the UK Joint Forum for Museums, Libraries and Archives.

The group’s creation came about in response to devolution, which saw the transfer of responsibility for culture in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the UK Government to the devolved administrations.

The Forum was established to support ongoing communication and knowledge exchange between the home nations’ strategic organisations for archives, libraries and museums. A written Agreement, supported by Terms of Reference, provides a formal framework for the partnership and confirms the four nations’ commitment to work in co-operation for mutual benefit.

In 2009, the UK Joint Forum conducted a review of its Purpose, Vision and Mission and its priority work areas.

The member organisations agreed by consensus to rename the Forum the Archives, Libraries and Museums Alliance UK (ALMA-UK), to better reflect and deliver its objectives moving forward (read about our name).

ALMA-UK’s Purpose, Vision and Mission

Purpose: ALMA-UK brings together the leading strategic organisations for archives, libraries and museums in the home nations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to optimise the sector’s impact on UK culture and public life.

Vision: ALMA-UK seeks to make the UK archive, library and museum sector a world-class model for modern, user-focussed service provision, through joined-up thinking and working practices.

Mission: ALMA-UK achieves its aims by fostering dialogue between the UK nations and drawing on their diversity. It provides a platform for sharing information and ideas and for supporting co-operation and collective action between organisations and across borders.